Stories are fundamental to how we learn and make our way in the world.

Storyteller and public speaker Mike Mann uses enthusiasm and imagination as he tells stories to more than 15,000 listeners each year. Mike is a winner of the Parents’ Choice, NAPPA Gold, and Storytelling World awards for his creative and imaginative stories. He has appeared on Channel 9’s Good Morning Minnesota and Kare 11 TV, and has been the subject of feature articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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Winning the Bored Game

When I was a boy I remember saying, “Mom, I’m bored”. She would respond, “Are you bored because there is nothing to do or because you can’t think of anything to do?” If I said that I could not think of anything to do, she would take a moment and help me generate a list of things I liked to do. If I made the mistake of saying I had nothing to do she was most happy to give me something from her own “to do” list, like weeding the garden. I learned quickly to carry an “I’m bored” list around in my head and accept the fact that avoiding boredom was my responsibility. Continue reading…